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Music For an Informal Wedding

Wedding songs form an important part of creating the right atmosphere at your wedding. It is important to choose them carefully according to the style of your wedding and with an element of your own personal taste.

Choosing songs for an informal wedding opens up a huge range of choice; from traditional and classical to modern and contemporary, you can really choose anything you want. One thing you must consider is if your choices are appropriate to a wedding. For a civil ceremony you wedding music must not have any religious references and you may want to take a look at the lyrics for any songs you have chosen for particular elements of your day. Some songs which may seem appropriate actually turn out to be the opposite once you check out the lyrics!

What is important is that your choice of wedding songs creates the atmosphere you want. For an informal wedding you will want an atmosphere which is relaxed and which allows your guests to kick back and enjoy themselves. Lively music with a joyful melody is ideal just make sure it isn’t too loud or your guests will be competing with it to make themselves heard!

At certain points of the day you will want have some gentle background music playing, such as during the cocktail hour and wedding breakfast. You may look to hire a musician such as a harpist or string quartet for these times or choose a CD of instrumental covers. Just make sure if using a CD you have enough tracks on it to last the length of time required. A CD which stops abruptly half way through the wedding breakfast could plunge the room into silence and have your best man scurrying to turn it back on!

Don’t go for anything too wild or raucous as it could have the opposite effect to what you want! Keep it light and jovial and choose songs which your guests are likely to recognize. It is also a good idea to include songs that cover a broad range of genres and eras, in effect include something for everyone – young or old.

Live music is great for any kind of wedding and can range from a band to a soloist. Make sure that you get an advance preview of any live musician you want to hire and that you spend time with them to find out what type of music they prefer to play and if you can put together a list of songs to play at your wedding.

Protect Your Songs

Many songwriters wonder if it’s really that big a deal to worry about getting songs stolen.

Why bother with copyright or song registration paperwork? My music is safe as soon as I write it down, right?

Well, yes and no.

True, actual copyright protection attaches as soon as original material is put into physical form. But…

You better be prepared to PROVE when your copyright protection started!

Songs get stolen more often than people might think. Cell phones make great secret audio recorders and if you are considering the Internet for your showcase… well you know how easy stealing things from there is!

And then there’s the more famous cases…

That’s what happened with George Harrison. His song “My Sweet Lord” was stolen from “She’s So Fine” (he admitted as much, though “by accident,” see below). Or Led Zeppelin’s lyrics on “Whole Lotta Love” coming from Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love.” Or “Dazed and Confused” taken from Jake Holmes.

And if it can happen to the biggies, it can happen to anyone…

In fact, we’ve included 2 links toward the end of this article listing songs that were actually stolen — one is a story about recently stolen material and the other is a study commissioned by UCLA about songs stolen between 2007 back to 1887!

And it’s not just evil people out there looking for songs to steal that’s the worry. It’s important to make sure your music is copyright protected for other reasons too. You may or may not have heard about songs getting stolen by accident.

Yes you heard right. Registering your song copyrights is super-important to protect against the chance that someone steals it whether they mean to or not.

If you think it’s impossible for someone to accidentally steal your song, just think how easy it is finding yourself humming a few bars of “something” without even remembering where you heard it (or whether you EVEN heard it or just made it up in your own mind).

New Song Music

The Quest for music the way you like it, or should I say I like it has often been an uneventful, and often times disappointing task. As I am sure a lot of you reading this right now would agree. Please allow me to define “music the way you like it”.

This applies to music which rejuvenates you, that allows you to see the brighter side of things or situations (That light at the end of the tunnel). This is the stuff that changes moods (from bad to good or vice verse), that may make an insurmountable task surmountable. Music is deeply Emotional, Music is Compassionate, and Music compliments our lives.

Have you ever found yourself tapping your hand or foot to an unfamiliar melody or beat, but then you realized that you were doing it and kept tapping just the same. During those rare occasions when we hear a piece of music that we like and have not heard before, and you wonder what the name is of that particular piece, and or the artist/artists name or album.

This can be a difficult task depending on the medium in which the New Song Music passed through your ear cavity. If it was the radio (airwaves, Internet or otherwise), in a passing car, restaurant, lounge, Gym, etc…Etc. There are so many ways you can luck up on good new music, or simply new music to you. Honestly if you have not heard it before it is new to you. Just like a new used car is new to you, you love it just the same.

Well…let us discuss this process, and also remove dumb luck from the equation. Honestly how often do you blindly stumble across great music you absolutely love, during your daily travels. Unless you live in a college dorm, or frequent clubs and happy hours daily (“ahhhh the good ole days”), most do not have that kind of time. Although there are some of us that have the luxury to work in the entertainment industry, or have jobs with great schedules which allot for a great deal of free time.

Unfortunately the rest of us have limited time and moderate or a great deal of responsibility. So finding new music may have to be a bit more deliberate, and premeditated in purpose. In other words an easy and convenient way to find New Song Music frequently!

As you are aware most of the New music you hear on main stream radio is less than appealing. Then those same unappealing songs are played repeatedly. If you happen to hear a song by an artist you do like, it gets played so many times that you lose interest. I often wonder with all this repeat business going on, how do new good artist even get introduced? I call this the radio loop.

So here are a few ways you can acquire good New Song Music. Music Blogs, Social Music Sites, and Music Portal Sites that identify similar artists by genre or category based on your current favorites.

Music Blogs…

Otherwise known as Mp3 blogs, that allow you to download new music. Once you have downloaded the track simply listen and give your opinion (your opinion is not required); the great thing about this medium is that it gives you access to safe music downloads for free. The artists featured usually are new unknown, lesser known, or underground.

Along with the music download a blog post will accompany the file giving you some background and bio information about the artist. In most cases you will be able to view how others have rated it, depending on how new it is. This can be a good indicator whether or not it is worth your time to even engage your ears.

The mp3 downloads are provided by record labels and promotion firms so that is why the music is legal and free for distribution. Most come from the artists promoting music themselves, so it is a great way to find some real musical treasures.

Some of the Music Blogs I like are One Track Mind, and The Hype Machine, so go check them out. Remember your opinion is strongly encouraged; this is how the sites are able to supply you with new music daily. So remember to vote/rate the songs you like and the ones you do not it only takes seconds. In an effort to give back when we can, here is an opportunity to do just that.

Social Music Sites…

These Musical Communities give the power to the listeners, the Incumbent Independent artist/artists submits there musical works to the communities for review. The listeners, in some cases soon to become fans recommend the music they like to others in the community. The advantage of this type of social circle is that you can see what other music listeners have liked at a glance. Thus adding to your own musical Internet jukebox.

My favorite Social Music sites are The Sixty One, and Our Stage.

Music Portal Sites…

The main focus for most of these Sites is to promote unsigned artists, and allow their music to be heard and fan a base to be acquired. The new music found here are often times unique and original, so listen closely. The premise is for listeners to invest in the artists they really like. Once the artist reaches their budget goal, they will be able to record an album professionally. This gives the artist the leverage to create their own deals with record labels, the way they want. Without the limitations that are put in place when advances for recording and marketing are made. This in turn allows the artist/artists to retain creative control, and maintain musical message with direction. Free from Record Label main stream constraints. In essence you get to hear new music songs before they go main stream, and before they top musical chart.

Romantic Melodies

Love is a feeling with which no one can stay untouched. It is an emotion full of abysmal bliss and empathy. Had there been no love and compassion in this world, life would have been harsh, dull and devoid of feelings. Music is the soul of the life without which it is simply bereft of rhythm, harmony and melody. Everyone falls in love and everyone loves music. Without the emotion called love music would be incomplete and without the bliss called music, love would be emotionless. Love and music are closely connected.

Since ages lovers have allured each other with the music and love songs that are full of blissful rhythms and great words that convey the different feelings and emotions. There have been innumerable songs and tracks that have touched the heart and souls of the lovers. Be it young or the old, no one can deny that one is soothed and mellowed by the romantic music. The love songs are a perfect way to tell your beloved that she or he is truly special and valuable for you. With the incredibly romantic numbers you can share your innate feelings with your soul mate with sheer style.

There have been many artists and singers who have given some of the most romantic and heart felt songs that are full of intimidating words and emotions. People have admired these songs whole heartedly and they have become the ultimate expression of love and affection. These songs are sung by singers who have mellifluous voices that reach the souls through the ears. You can not stop loving and admiring these songs which seem like divine creations. An unimaginable bliss surrounds you when you listen to these invigorating songs and enthrall in joy.

There are hundreds of love songs that have ruled the charts as well as the hearts of the listeners. The amazing songs simply make you feel exasperated and scintillated. The 101 Love Songs music is an album that gives you the most lovable and adorable love songs which you would simply admire and applaud. They have been written by the finest writers and lyricist and you can feel the magic of the excellent poetry in these songs. The wonderful wordings of the tracks depict the myriad emotion and facets of love. Each track showcases the beauty and integrity of this wonderful benediction with serenity and subtlety. The soft voices and sombre tones fill your heart with great joy. This album is a truly awesome collection of most wonderful tracks by highly celebrated performers. You would love to play the CD 101 Love Songs music.

It has 101 incredible songs that will simply woo you. The track ” When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge ” is absolutely heart felt and melodious. The song was created after the artist was hurt by a broken relationship and deception by a woman. Another track from the collection is Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by J.Thomas; this track is a million copies seller from the legendary movie Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid. Songs like Love Is All Around by The Troggs, Everlasting Love by Robert Knight and Bye Bye love by The Everly Brothers celebrate the eternal bliss and wonder of love. The DVD 101 Love Songs music has many other tracks that are amazingly mesmerizing.

Romeo and Juliet, Love Story by Lai are the music numbers which the listeners would love to listen over and over again. The compilation of mesmerizing songs is totally awesome and it is certainly one of the best collectibles of all times. The 101 Love Songs Music [] is an eternal album that will adorn your music collection and give you amazing joy.

The latest 101 Love Songs Music is available at lucrative prices on various outlets. It is a pack of four CDs or DVDs. Each DVD contains soulful numbers that have different emotions and set in different backdrops. Each song is inspired by some interesting and touching situations. You can get amazing deals and offers on this incredible album on various online shopping portals. Just check out different websites to get the best details about the album with track listing, reviews and ratings etc.