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How to Make a Music Collection

One of my best possessions in life is my music. Owning a music collection is no doubt a beautiful thing. Having personal copies of your favorite blues, folk, music videos and emo songs is reassuring that you hold what you love.

But how do you go about making a personal music collection? It is quiet simple. The best way to go about it is to start early. Buying music is the best way to start your own collection. It is a good idea to always window shop before proceeding with a transaction as original music is a bit costly. It gives you the choice to own as much music as you would like. It affords you with the opportunity to own either blues, folk or indie music. The choice is yours.

Your local music store is a good place to buy music. Check it out from time to time to see what is new. Visit different shops when you have the time just to sample what is available. You might be lucky to get what you like at a very affordable price. When shopping for your collection, make sure that you are dealing with original or authentic music. Take care when the deal is too good, you could be getting fake music of your best music video, alternative or folk songs.

Aim to have what you absolutely love. There is no point of spending a fortune on what you are never going to listen to. The internet is one of the best places to buy music as well. Get what you like online by checking out hundreds of sites that sell music online. You only need to get the details of the album you need right and you are set. Confusing the name of the album or artist by even a letter might get you what you never intended to purchase. It is good to be careful when giving out these details.

Take your time to sample tones of music available for sale online. You might get something you really like. Sampling music from time to time is a good way of enriching your collection. It gives you the opportunity to get songs, music videos, emo or folk songs from other parts of the world that you might really love.

If you are the lucky type, you can own a music collection by inheritance. This is only cool if you share the same taste with the person giving it to you. You can get music as a present or gift which is one way of enhancing your collection as well. However, chances of acquiring your best blues, emo or indie songs in this way are simply astronomical.

Not everyone gets the privilege to buy music to make or add to their collection. All is not lost as you can download your favorite music videos, emo, folk or alternative songs at licensed sites on the internet. This is available at a small fee or no charge at all. However, make sure you do it legally to avoid getting in trouble.

Copyright Your Songs

Copyrighting your artistic works does not have to be as complicated as some people say it is. You already own the copyright to your works, but you need to collect proof in case anyone challenges you. This guide will show you how. First of all, which parts of your work are yours to copyright? Did a friend help you out with lyrics, or have you sampled part of someone else’s song? If so, that’s a not a problem, just make sure that you keep a note of this with your collection of proofs.

Next, you need to work out what pieces of proof you actually have in your possession. Do you have original computer files for each instrument or track? Do you have any handwritten notes for lyrics, or scratched-out, dirty and used scraps of sheet music? If you have any of these then great! You have a fantastic piece of evidence that shows the story of how your creative work developed. But all’s not lost if you only have the finished product. Even if you have the full story, how can you prove that you came up with the idea first? It might sound tricky, but it’s a problem that can be solved.

Let’s take the example of an MP3 file of your work. You have created this from your system of choice, be it Logic, Cubase or Garageband. Did you know that an MP3 file contains so-called metadata? This is information embedded in the file so that music players such as iTunes know what track name and artist to list when displaying the MP3 file. Well, there are lots of other metadata fields that you can edit, including one for who the copyright belongs to.

When you edit the copyright field, you must be as specific as possible. For example, my name is Thomas Buck, and there are a surprising number of people out there with the very same name as me. To fix this, I not only put my name in the copyright field, but also my physical address and email address. That way, the Thomas Buck in the copyright field is actually me.

Mother and Son Wedding Songs

A wedding ceremony is never complete without those special songs and dances. Different parts of a wedding are enhanced by the music playing in the background. Choosing a song for each of these parts can be challenging at first. Let’s discuss one of the most important wedding dances – the mother son dance – and how you can choose the perfect mother wedding song for you.

Mother Son Dance

This is a traditional dance shared by the mother of the groom and the groom himself. It is the groom’s way of showing his love and appreciation for everything his mother has done for him. Putting a little time and thought into the process will mean so much to her.

How to Choose the Perfect Song

There are numerous mother wedding songs you can choose from, which can be overwhelming. Below are helpful tips to follow when choosing the perfect song for this important dance:

  • Always plan ahead. Some people might think that choosing a song for this dance is easy that they often take this task for granted. When it is time to decide which song to play, they may realize that it is not so easy after all! For instance, you might choose a song without realizing that the tempo is too fast for comfortable dancing. Make your choice in advance.
  • Make a list. Start making a list of songs that will be suitable for a mother son dance. Feel free to include some popular songs. You can also ask your mother if there is a song she prefers. Show her your list and discuss things together.
  • Get ideas. If you are having difficulty finding the right song for this particular dance, ask your friends, family members and/or fiancee for help. Browse the internet for websites about mother wedding songs. Are you going to hire a wedding DJ or a band? You entertainer can also provide you with songs that are commonly used for parent dances.
  • Understand the message of the song. Although the songs you have on your list are about mothers and sons, it is still important to check the lyrics or message of the songs. Make sure it is appropriate for the relationship you have with your mother.
  • Practice. After you have already chosen a song, take some time to practice the dance steps with your mom. You might also consider dance lessons so you can both perfect the dance before the wedding.

Popular Songs For A Mother Son Dance

Country Song – “Wish For You” by Faith Hill
Christian Song – “The Perfect Fan” by Backstreet Boys
Rock Song – “Old Time Rock and Roll” by The Beatles

Can You Imagine Our World Without Music

Just hearing that right song can be an emotional trigger greater than touch or taste. Because so many songs are associated with so many up or down happenings in our lives, just hearing the opening bars can take us back in time to a place where we were joyful or down in the dumps, these were some of the happiest or worst times in our life. So many times a top music lyrics will bring back those memories of someone or something. This is one reason why so many love birds have “our song.” It’s something special between these people that keeps them together even if they are not with each other at the moment.

Because music and songs relate to so many people and so many different ages, a writer of a song could have had something completely different in mind than the people who hear it. That is one of the magical moments of music and one of the awesome powers of a song. Music and songs are something that last a life time, they are not forgotten with time but only more cherished.Songs are a wonderful release of so many different emotions. The words can relax us when we are upset, or can build us to a point of excitement for no particular reason except that we have heard a particular song and it makes us in a very good mood.

There is a song, and lyrics to go along with that song, for almost any event and any emotion. This is why top music lyrics and why songs are so popular to certain individuals. Being able to make a song our very own and then in return apply them to our own lives can be truly amazing. Whether it’s Christian, Gospel, Country, Rock you name it you can find all the top music lyrics.

It is a common knowledge that song lyrics can really affect moods and social behavior of individuals. Top Music Lyrics can also be used to remember about good times or bad times had as a young child or teenager. Many times those years were the ones that shaped a person to what he or she was going to be when they grew up. So it makes perfectly common sense that as a grown up, many artists feel the need to give back to their roots that was a part of their own life. Many of these song’s, and music lyrics focus in on past relationships long forgotten, great times had with girl friends, and even sometimes very bad experiences with abusive or uncaring family. Whatever the music topic might be, being able to sing about their past experiences helps the artists to bring out whatever emotion they are feeling at the time.

Music lyrics are words that young and old can relate to, Tunes often are associated with important events in our lives, People all over the world love their music.Imagine our society without music, at first you may say “I could live without it” and then think long and hard about where you hear music all the time, I can’t imagine living my life without the beautiful sounds and top music lyrics, Music today transcends into your everyday life.

The History & Evolution of Karaoke Songs

So karaoke songs are just like any other songs right? Well yes and no. They have the same tunes but they are not by the same artists. Karaoke music is never performed by the same artists that prepared it for the vocalists. That’s why you will notice a big difference in the same music being offered by different Karaoke disc jockeys. It all depends on which label they buy.

You can find almost every type of karaoke song that you could possibly want. It has become just as popular as our standard forms of cds, and DVDs. Again you will find that you probably will form certain preferences to the labels. You can find karaoke songs that will have the vocalist that you can sing along with, or just the background music or even both.

There are always favorite by the majorities. In 2007 it was “I will survive” Gloria Gaynor lyrics, second in the running is “I got you babe” cher lyrics, then the third is “Sweet Caroline” Neil Diamond lyrics. These are pretty interesting choices being as they are not heavy rock or pop, and they have been around for years. Last on a list of about 50 is “we built this city”.

Karaoke songs are gaining a lot of popularity among the Christian sector. it’s a wonderful way for a church soloist to practice his/her music. It provides great background music for choirs that haven’t a music system. Its even perfect for the church audience to sing along with.

These songs can also be beneficial for children to practice their speech with. More often than not children find it easier to sing then to talk, and by getting them to sing it may help them with their pronunciation.

In 2007 there was a general concessions of what was the worst songs. Starting at the bottom of the list. The 10th on this list was “Friends In Low Places” Lyrics by Garth Brooks. The general idea of this one was to get everyone listening to join in and sing with you. Fifth place was “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mixalot. Then finally the grand winner of the worst song for 2007 is awarded to “Love Shack” by B-52s.
So as one can see there are the same trends, and ups and downs in karaoke songs just like the regular songs.

Then there’s the most over done ones. Songs that everybody wants to do and feels most comfortable with. “Crazy” By Patsy Kline, is a well loved song. Probably that’s why this one is such a popular one. “Delta Dawn” by Tanya Tucker. This one is one that almost everyone has heard, and it often the first one that comes to mind when going over the charts to choose from.” Summer Nights” by John Travola and Olivia Newton John is dubbed as probably being one of the most popular duets every sung.

There are many factors that people consider when they are picking the song they want to sing at a Karaoke and often is not based on whether they have the voice for that song. Its usually based on, because they just like that song the best, it sounds like its going to be the easiest to sing, or they like the artist.