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Writing Country Songs

Some may say that country songwriters have it easy and that country music has simple lyrics that lack the twists and turns rock songs sometimes possess, or the harshness that rap songs often symbolize. But such views about country music are wholly inaccurate. The fact that the lyrics are simple and direct is what makes writing lyrics for country music an even more daunting process for country songwriters.

Country songs are known for straightforward lyrics, which makes it crucial not to overly simplify the song and to include a story. Ever song talks about something, an experience, a thought or a memory, and country songs are no different. They also have something to express through the lyrics. The lyrics of the song should be unique, which is something all country songwriters keep in mind when writing the song.

Country songwriters need to be concerned with writing lyrics as well as the music for the song. The lyrics tend to be straightforward and not overly layered and so too is the musical arrangement. Country song music is often upbeat, though country music is also known for it’s ballads and soft tracks.

Unlike a country music songwriter, whose job it is to …

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Let The Music Heal Your Soul

Do you want to live a life of more ease, happiness, balance and prosperity? Of course you do! Why is it so hard for some to move closer to these goals? The answer lies within.

Each one of us carries deep within us subconscious beliefs that contribute to our actions, and thus the actual conditions of our lives. If we believe at this level that we only deserve a certain amount of happiness, or that life is a struggle, or that we are unworthy of very much, then we act accordingly. As a therapist working with others and myself on changing the circumstances in our lives, I have come to the realization that it is imperative to modify our beliefs. And, as a musician, I have found that music can be the tool to heal your soul, change these beliefs, and thus to change your life.

We all know music can be powerful, but can one song really change your life? Absolutely. Here’s the story of one of my most recent songs.

Music has been coming through me ever since I went through some life-changing events 20 years ago. This music was a gift for my healing and then I …

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