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Best Ways to Get Custom Songs For a Video Or Film Project

If you’re a filmmaker or work with video, you know what an important role music plays in movies for capturing the audience’s attention. You also know that fitting the right song with the right scene can be a daunting task. This task, however, has become easier in recent years as music licensing becomes more available from online sources.

With the massive increase of royalty free music websites, filmmakers and others seeking background music for their movies need only do a quick search on the web to start browsing songs. Music licensing companies have large databases of music that the filmmaker can sort through based on what he or she believes would best fit their movie. One problem with this method though is the sheer amount of songs to sort through. The amount of available music online could give a headache to even the best music supervisor.

Another option could be licensing music heard on the radio or popular hits from the past. One must be careful as licensing popular or previously created music can create economic or legal barriers that stem from the copyright holders. These copyright holders can be a record label, music publisher, or the songwriter themselves. Most of the popular music from the past decades is controlled by large record labels who are not inclined to license their music catalogs easily.

So maybe the best way to get music for your film or video is to just have custom songs composed? All videos and films are different whether from the plot, mood, or just timing. They could all benefit from custom music written specifically for them. Along with making previously written songs available, the internet has also made possible access to composers and songwriters all over the world to compose custom tracks.

When seeking out a composer to score your background music, you should first watch movies that include the type of sound you want. You can then watch the credits and try to contact that composer or even post an ad asking for similar types of music. Songs for a video may not need such extensive composing and could easily be done by a producer or expert in mixing music digitally. Many producers, mixers, composers, and songwriters can be located online through services such as MySpace and Twitter. Doing a search for any of those terms in Google or Twitter search will lead you to hundreds of results. Be careful to listen to each composer’s portfolio of music to ensure they capture your needed sound and skill level.