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Cheap Zune Music Downloads

The normal way to buy Zune music downloads is at the marketplace. Simply get a block of 400 Microsoft points and you can download up to 5 songs. Each piece of music costs you approximately $0.99. Consumers nowadays are more attuned to downloading at other websites since there are cheaper options. We will reveal several sources where you can find cheap zune music downloads in this article.

We will look at 3 simple alternatives you have when it comes to getting music for Zune at lower costs. Here they are:

1. Music CD Ripping

Before you start frowning at the simplicity of this method, did you know that you can actually build a huge collection from this? You can rip songs from your CD library and pack your Zune with these songs. All PCs should come with Windows Media Player for you to pick and drop those music onto your player.

For the older songs such as those in the 60s, 70s or 80s, you can make a trip to the bargain sections of music stores to hunt for CDs on sales. You can probably find many at less than $5 a piece. For a 10-soundtrack CD at $5, each song only costs $0.50.

Of course, if you are looking for new releases in the season, the only way you can do is to ask a friend in school or even a neighbour if you could rip the music from their latest buys.

Ripping songs is an age old method. While effective, it can take considerable amount of time. But think about it.

2. Free Music Sites

There are a few music sites where you can find free zune music downloads. Normally, these websites are niche sites offering either songs that have not entered the market or home brews from new singers. You may even find music that record labels are releasing for the first time to test the market response. But the selection is quite small.

Opening a trial account at some pay per download music stores can net you some zune music downloads for free as well. The number of free downloads they offer varies. If you manage to sign up with 10 or more of them, you can easily compile one mini song library.

3. Paid Membership Services

In recent months, download services have popped up in the internet world offering you zune music downloads. We have huge players like Amazon, Walmart, Rhapsody and so on that offer songs at per download basis. They occasionally would hold bargain sales where you can buy a song for way lesser than a dollar. Then there are lifetime membership services that provide millions of songs, music, videos for your Zune player.

Typically, a membership at these paid services would cost you no more than $50. With the membership, you can find any song you want and as many as you wish to download onto your Zune. Absolutely no bandwidth limits or time restriction. The service is available 24/7 to you.

These are pretty much the options you have when it comes to finding a place to download music for Zune. Paid membership services are getting tons of attention these days for its affordability and ever-increasing and up-to-date music database. Check out my blog and find out about the top services for unlimited zune music downloads where folks are using.