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How to Write a Song

We love to hear songs. It is said that listening to the music can relieve tension, reduce stress and helps to rejuvenate. Listening to the mild songs during night can bring sound sleep. Well, good songs are memorized easily. If a song has a good music that our ears love to listen then we keep on singing it very often.

But, the irony is how good songs can be written? Any song is first an idea borne in the minds of people. This idea gets transformed into any good song that touches people emotionally or brings them to the dance floor. Such songs that straightaway touch other people’s hearts definitely get hit. The thing is how these songs can be written. How you can make people emotional or create a craving to get on the dance floor. Here we are going to discuss the secret of these songs.

While writing any poem, the first thing is the Song title; it should describe the entire song in few simple words. Then comes the Lyrics; every song has a meaning. The lyrics should be such that the song is easily understandable and recitable. Hard words can sometimes stop listeners from listening to those songs.

To add something different and unique words to the lyrics, it is advisable to listen it carefully and go through the lyrics every time. Keep a notebook and pen with you in order to note down any ideas that come to your mind so that those ideas can be applied and then the quality of the song can be examined.

Once you have framed the wordings of the poem, next step is Music, melody. Sometimes we see that songs are popular because of its music composition but when you look at the lyrics, they aren’t much meaningful. So, along with proper simple lyrics; good music is another important character of a good song. Music melody attracts the listeners and they keep on listening to the same song.

Once you accomplish giving relevant titles, writing appropriate lyrics and adorning it with lovely music. It’s time to get it tested. Play the song three to four times to know whether the song is good or boring or wish to have some changes.